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Tips on Selecting Your Western Rigs

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Leather western rigs will ensure that you shine out in any crowd, whether you’re searching for an outfit that looks like an actual cowboy outfit or simply something to freshen up your appearance. Before the US colonies, they were originally employed by the army across the Atlantic. They offered a quick and easy method for carrying pistols and other accouterments. In this article, we’ll offer some advice on how to pick the ideal setups for your particular requirements and interests.

Belt rigs

Belt rigs

The hip bone is where belt holsters are intended to be worn comfortably. They can be worn in either the back or the front. Based on your activities, you should choose your position:

  • Wearing them behind the back can make it challenging to sit down.
  • They could pierce your thigh and tummy when you sit if worn in the front.

Your choice of the holster is influenced by your body type as well. An outside-the-waistband rig may be the best choice if you have a large stomach or a slender build.

Cross Draw Rigs

A cross-draw rig is something you should think about if you drive frequently. If you’re right-handed, you should wear it between your navel and the top of your left hip. The grasp will be downward and in the middle of your torso.

When you are driving in your car, it is simple to draw your weapon in this posture. Cases with the aid of belt slots, and some cross-draw rigs can also offer strong-side hip placement.

You’ll be fine as long as the rigs you select satisfy its three main requirements for security, safety, and accessibility. As long as you practice consistently enough to develop the reflexes required to draw accurately and quickly in any circumstance.

Ankle and Shoulder Rigs

We advise getting shoulder rigs that are specifically made for your body type. This is critical for ease and comfort. It is advised to just use ankle holsters for brief periods of time if you enjoy them. Choose the holster position that will feel the most comfortable on your body.

When choosing ankle and shoulder rigs, keep your purpose for carrying in mind. If you’re likely to be subject to competition regulations, verify and think twice before you buy.

Pocket holsters

Pocket holsters

The easiest way to carry a tiny weapon is with a pocket holster. Choose pocket holsters that shield the trigger, hold the firearm securely, and include a pocket anchor for a smooth draw. Make sure the pocket holster appears to fit your gun before selecting your rig. The most widely used material, leather, will always have a certain amount of natural give.

You need enough hold and give from your holster. While drawing swiftly, keep in mind that you don’t want your sidearm to fly out of the holster. Choose a molded plastic, leather, or nylon holster based on your preferences. Keep in mind that every holster material has advantages and disadvantages, and your decision should be based on your task.

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