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Nevada Gun Leather, holsters and gun accessories are widely used from federal and state agencies to private citizens and have been proven in the toughest environments and situations.

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Check out some of our best-ranked and most popular products, as rated by our customers.

Ankle & Thigh Holsters

With our ankle and thigh holsters, which are made of the highest-quality materials, you can conceal and protect your guns in the most convenient way possible.

Cartridge Belts

Shop for the best-handcrafted cartridge belts for your firearms made of the highest-quality leather to give you a unique feeling while carrying your firearm.

Concealment Holsters

Find several concealed carry holsters that allow you to draw a gun closer to your body by applying pressure from your belt or waistband.

Law & Combat Gear

Purchase the latest equipment for your enforcement agencies, army, and fire & rescue professionals so they can use it to safeguard themselves while protecting others.

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different demands of our customers

We provide a wide variety of gun attachments that may be customized to your needs and are all available at a low cost because we serve a huge number of customers. We even have clients who do mobile dent repair. They say it helps them feel safer when working on random people’s cars. See what we have in store for you by using the navigation!

Our Exclusive Accessories

There is a large selection of accessories available. Find the ones that are in high demand below:

Bunny Eared Double Magazine Pouch

We offer the most convenient and secure pouch for your firearms, allowing you to safely store your weapon magazines.

Rifle Cartridge Carrier

The custom-made leather cartridge carrier will guarantee that your shells will stay in place as you hold your additional ammunition safely in them.

Combat Double Magazine Pouch

Purchase our expertly crafted pouches, which will help keep your double magazine collection organized and readily available.

What Our Clients Say

Because we have always valued customer satisfaction, our clients come back to us repeatedly. We not only sell the holster but we partnered with Apex Metal Signs. See what they have to say!

"I want to genuinely thank Nevada Gun Leather for giving me access to some of the best-built leather pouches that have lasted me a really long time."
Williams J. Mosher
"Their products are made of the highest quality leather, which feels great while your guns or ammo are inside; thus, I strongly recommend them."
Michael J. Brown
"I purchased two items from them, and I must tell you that they are incredibly simple to use and maintain and unquestionably guarantee the best level of safety."
Denise M. Hicks

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